Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Rats that don't let you gym

sri and i have joined a gym and we have opted for the 6.30 AM slot.
the problem is that we have a rat in the house.
make that multiple rats. and mice. and moles.
and they all have inter racial fights.
inside our house.
our home = a regular panipat = big battlefield

they (the rodents), like the kshatriyas of the by gone era, strictly adhere to war time rules.
the war conch is blown sometime past 1 AM and the battle begins.
trivia: each of the above mentioned race have a unique battlecry.
they call it a day (?) sometime around 5 AM.

Now, all of us reasonable human beings understand that a little more than an hour of sleep is not enough for a normal person.
try telling that to my husband.
silly fellow is up and chirpy AND EAGER to gym at 6 bloody 15.

now you tell me, is it my mistake that i detest gymming so?
the cruel instructor is another story, but still.


Aparna said...

Rats that dont let thee gym? Akin the little mousey in your profile picture?
You war with them!?
make love not war, I say. Sleep in dont gym, I say. The obesity and lethargy are totally worth the hours of extra sleep.

And howdy rightbackatcha :)

driftwood said...

While you're at it, my dear Toinks, please lose 30 pounds of me too.

Hey to the rodents!

Nemesis said...

oi toinky!

wemembur me? nemesis?

(yes, bachcha grew up, came to bbay, interned, sud-suddenly thought of you while travelling in 2nd class compartment, left, 1 month later, does memory trip to old blog, laughs at self.. yada.)

(yeah, you caught up on my life. your turn.)

do you still do train?
hubby? new character intro? yeh kya hain? =D

how ya been, (one of my many blogger) momma(s)?

Cherie! said...

Better than cats that don't let you hymn.

Anonymous said...

hahahahaha -- sai

Ajay/CosmicDust said...

gym kaino? ur already ek haddi, and so is ur miyan!!
and as fo rthe rats and other vermins, do u make such scrumptious khana that their abaadi is incerasing due to the khana that u make, and ur family throws away while u arent looking?
and yeh About Me" mein Delhi kaise likha..I thot u were a UPite, right?

Tinky Toinkers said...

Apu: I like the way you think, I really do, and to prove how much, I am bunking gym tomorrow :D

Driftwood: No can do. I asked, but they said no.

Nemesis: Got married. shifted base to delhi. shit happens. there, my entire life for you.

Cherie: or snakes that keep you awake huh? but i still do not like them rodents.

Laughing Sai: et tu?

Cosmic dust: hasn't anyone ever taught you to overlook little stuff and not be rude in public? tch. :p

Anonymous said...

u gymming .... heee heee haaw hawww..wotever happened to the dietician in u???