Monday, August 07, 2006

I am going to write a poem

Cos I figured it was better to write a poem and get it passed for an attempt than to write a post that had nothing to say. So here goes:

I wanna be in Mumbai
I wanna be in Bangalore
I wanna be in any place
Anywhere but here
ohhoooooo lalala
ohhooooo lalala
oh ho
la la la

*notice how the last four ahem lines make it a song?

I am brilliant.
I am also little bored.
Ok, maybe I am also a wee bit envious of the husband and his globe trotting in India job.


Anonymous said...

ay haaaaay toinka...!

pardon- in lieu of a comment pls


Naina said...

Hey....howdy baba...
YOU MUST check out what i got...
on my blog....

waiting eagarly....impatiently rather...ok not waiting....come soon....

Cherie! said...

I thot you'd rather be in the Serengetti? But kitta mushkil rhyme karna nahin? B'lore is fine!