Monday, July 31, 2006

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Stinky Socks Alert!

If I gag to death
And my green green corpse is discovered
Kindly put my colleagues behind bars
Hopefully, the bar will have 3 dozen pairs of wet stinky socks and no windows
Smelling salt... get me some freaking smelling salt ... fresh air... help ... help ... hellllppp

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The casting couch exists…

We sat across the table, the old friend and I
Sipping a sad cold coffee and a watery iced tea

He: Am producing a movie sometime soon
Me: *Insert smart-ass inane joke here*
Me: Hyuck hyuck… I am so funny… you ought to use my lines for your film
He: Why not ... You will have to buy me dinner though, and often
Me: What? Waitamminnit! Why?
He: Simple funda … You wanna write for my movie, you gotta feed me… and anyone who wants a role in it will have to sleep with me… *smug grin*
Me: Haila … *Imagine open-mouthed, utterly amazed/disgusted/vague expressioned toinks here*

Monday, July 24, 2006


He walked off a ship and straight into our hearts
We raved, watched and drooled over his movies
He, of the intense kohl lined eyes
He, of the weird stutter
He, of the crazy attire

Loved him then
Love him now
Captain Jack Sparrow

All in agreement say ‘Aye’!

- and so we depply believe

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Do I even exist?

human i am
i am human
cells few
a couple of tissues
blood and flesh
and a brain
to think
a heart
to feel
and a mind
somewhere in between
to fly above
reach further
to be one
with the one
who created
who will destroy
to recreate
an endless loop
a continuous cycle
some call it living
i call it life.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Blood on my mind

blasts. death. blood. gore. crying. injured. calls. panic. rumours. killed. bombs. stations...

each time i believe i have left behind anger
immature urges to murder
basic instinct that says get violent
wipe the scum off this earth

God ... why ...
leave my city alone ... leave my country alone ... let us all be ...

damn you
... hurt

Friday, July 07, 2006

Corporate Meetings

This was scribbled this morning, when I was supposed to be taking down notes.
I h a t e m e e t i n g s .. especially those long never ending ones where I am supposed to look intelligent. Takes a toll on my energy levels.
Keeping eyes open + look intelligent & interested...
Multi tasker I am not...

Bored to death
Muddy brown
A handful of earth
and I'd settle down
No riches, no wine and
and certainly no goals
Gimme my cheque
and just lemme go

Smoky wifts of contempt
Eyes full of scorn
Petty talks to submerge
the arrogance of sound
I'd rather be sleeping,
sleeping snug and warm
In the embrace of my blanket
peaceful ... and calm

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Drenched in Nostalgia

"u know... yesterday i didnt go to office.... it was raining so bad, and i rememebred the tp we used to do when u were here! felt like going out int he rain with a closed umbrella in hand... felt like getting wet by sharing jsut 1 umbrella with someone.... felt like going back to that day when we walked all the way home from station after dropping meera at her place! :-) missed u :-( ..."

Congratulations. You got me. Again.

Yes, I remember the day you are reminiscing about.

The rain
The crowded platform
The cancelled trains
The crazy ideas
The long walk
The shared umbrella
The drenched shoulders
The mad family
The smell of vada-pav

I miss it all, sorely.

But you know what hurts the most? The part where I cannot be with you today… the fact that I cannot be there to see your eyes shine as they scan through birthday cards… I cannot feel the laughter bubbling up behind that indignant voice which trying to guess the contents of the ‘gift-wrapped’ package…

The fact that I cannot be with you on your birthday

Such is life huh?

Happy Birthday Prabha… Have a brilliant life

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

2 drops does not a shower make

See, I am a Mumbaikar. I have lived through the mad monsoons of that side of the Vindhyas.

I have waded through potholes full of roads*.
I have cursed the central railway. I have cursed the western railway. I have cursed the harbour line.
I have hitch-hiked, shared rickshaws, hopped off trains, prayed for a cup of warm tea, sang songs, held hands, heeded advice, lent my raincoat, shared umbrellas, pulled my hair in frustration, shivered in cold … in the rains of Mumbai.

So kindly do not tell me that the 1.64 mm of afterthought from the sky that you get here is RAIN.

Also do not stand over my cubicle and stare at the television set located strategically above my head. I do not want to hear moronic anchor repeating incessantly about the tragic condition of Mumbai after another lashing from the rain God.

It is not as bad as 26th of July 2005 (I hope and pray)
So stop adding to my already frayed nerves and … and I don’t know. Just keep off I guess.

And you guys out there in Mumbai, keep yourself out of trouble or I will come and personally whip your sorry bottoms.

Yes, I am irritated as hell.

*Intentional goof-up. Learn to understand these things.