Monday, February 12, 2007

Home sweeeeet home :)

The rain God played party pooper and we had to cancel our trip to Surajkund Mela... was a major disappointment, especially since it would have been my first visit to the place and I have heard so much about it...*mutter mutter silly rain god fella mutter mutter*

In the end, I was forced to do the very thing I wished to avoid by going off to the Mela ... unpacking. Bleh.

But its ok, I clicked a lot of flop pictures.

Presenting... our house, in delicious disarray:
Who stole the washbasin?

The only reasonably sane place at home

The terrace garden thats supposed to have picket fences *fumes*

The bed of roses?

The guest room. The guest can come and unpack ;)

Trying to make sense of all them many of them :(

Stairway to heaven ... kitchen :)

A study in chaos

Friday, February 09, 2007

The long road to work

…is one of the best one, ever.
We have taken to driving through this diversion instead of the highway and I personally believe it is the single biggest reason for my feeling a lot happier in life.

Yes, it does take me a trifle longer thanks to the added Kms, but it is so much better than being stuck in a stagnant traffic jam amidst boring motorists who cannot seem to get one simple fact… constant blowing of the horn does not help un-jam the situation.

So, coming back to this new route, it leads me through a village, up a hill and fields.
Tiny mud houses, whitewashed and fresh
Little children, stirring awake
Ladies sashaying about their chores
Colourful ghaghras, multi-hued turbans
An old couple drinking chai, seated on a charpoi
A lazy bunch gathered outside a shop
Buffaloes and cows and calves
Some dogs and goats too
Fresh air and the smell of earth
Ripe with cowdung and last night’s fire
A dhabba cum puncture repair shop in the corner
Boulders and thorny bushes on either side
The kali temple, the other one dedicated to an unknown God
And a thousand other things that hold me enthralled
In the 20 odd minutes it takes me to get to the city again
I hit paradise.

Monday, February 05, 2007

a box full of memories

you know whats the best part about moving homes? the fact that you never know what little treasure is gonna be unearthed during the process.

my find was an ancient wooden casket.

it was all rusted and mouldy. perfectly lovely :-)

so once i had it suitably dusted and sandpapered, i painted it in brilliant shades of green and blue.

i even tried my hand at vegetable patterns... which flopped miserably. but we shall not discuss such trivial things. all in all, an excellent way to spend a saturday.

even if the end result leaves the husband completely perplexed.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

P M S.

Your head hurts,
Your stomach rolls
You feel drained,
You lose control

You curse God
You curse Nature
For gifting you
With this monthly torture

Shallow eyes
Sleepless nights
Easy arguments
Quicker fights

Fiery temper
Weak in the legs
Drunken stupor
Stop it, I begs

Take it back
Gift of woe
I willingly offer
Take it and go.

Had posted this once before here. But a topic like this, deserves mention. Over and over again.
*shuffles away, feeling miserable*.