Friday, February 09, 2007

The long road to work

…is one of the best one, ever.
We have taken to driving through this diversion instead of the highway and I personally believe it is the single biggest reason for my feeling a lot happier in life.

Yes, it does take me a trifle longer thanks to the added Kms, but it is so much better than being stuck in a stagnant traffic jam amidst boring motorists who cannot seem to get one simple fact… constant blowing of the horn does not help un-jam the situation.

So, coming back to this new route, it leads me through a village, up a hill and fields.
Tiny mud houses, whitewashed and fresh
Little children, stirring awake
Ladies sashaying about their chores
Colourful ghaghras, multi-hued turbans
An old couple drinking chai, seated on a charpoi
A lazy bunch gathered outside a shop
Buffaloes and cows and calves
Some dogs and goats too
Fresh air and the smell of earth
Ripe with cowdung and last night’s fire
A dhabba cum puncture repair shop in the corner
Boulders and thorny bushes on either side
The kali temple, the other one dedicated to an unknown God
And a thousand other things that hold me enthralled
In the 20 odd minutes it takes me to get to the city again
I hit paradise.


E said...

I bet you are not the one driving! But I see the point.

Alien said...

I almost wish I could take the drive too.... of course in the passenger's seat!!

Anonymous said...

Oooh, that's a much nicer commute. I commute by foot myself, whenever possible at least.

austere said...

Lovely. Photos? Sounds like a longer commute, but.

Tinky Toinkers said...

e: you would win the bet :)

alien: the next time you are in delhi, lemme know.

proxima: i'd love to travel by foot ... only, walking 50 kms one way ... er, lets just say, my boss is not gonna be a happy man :D

austy: will click some snaps, need a camera and not just my silly mobile phone. the longer trip is soo worth it :)

Shiv said...

So vividly beautiful !!

One just needs to pause and let the senses absorb the space around you.Usually we are so absorbed in our own wories and throughts that we could drive past paradise and not realize it.

I agree that there isn't much absorbing that even the most absorbent mind can do amidst the usual chaos on the indian roads/highways, but you could try it someday :-)