Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The what ifs

Life is full of yes-es and no-es
and a few what-ifs

The yes-es have their own stories
The no-es, their own endings
But the what-ifs,
they are like undigested food
stuck to the craw
arising occasionally
as acid burps.

Monday, July 01, 2013

here we are again, doing what we do best - talking to oneself

when there is absolutely diddly to do
the mind works in strange ways

there are dialogues being exchanged
that are waiting to be made into stories
there are memories flashing by
waiting to be spoken about
there are conversations happening
between people who need to be in touch

when there is absolutely diddly to do
the mind works...
but the lazy body,
the lazy body finds a comfortable couch
and browses through mindless thrash
avoiding the to-dos
and the really should have already been dones
while wallowing in the fugue
created by having diddly to do.