Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Was gonna write about this and that but ...

I have just got to write about this beautiful conversation that Mugs and I were having:
Actually, I need to copy paste it.

19:19 me: :D
i have an idea of sorts
a business idea
wanted to discuss with you and laloo
Mugs: *choke
another one?
me: yes
19:20 asshole
Mugs: lol. i loved doing that.
go on shoot
me: bloody constipated chicken's intestine
Mugs: lol
me: nice eh?
19:21 graphic enough for you
Mugs: yeah.
me: :D
Mugs: lol
me: takes a bow
19:23 am copy pasting this onto my blog.

Brilliant eh? I tell you, I can make a living out of inventing new new gaalis.