Wednesday, October 28, 2015


I look at a stone and I think of you
I hear a song and I can hear you humming along
I eat a spoonful and I imagine you dipping into my plate
I see a puppy and I know how you would melt
I feel the rain and I see you dancing in it
I sigh at the mountain and I feel your awe

Sometimes I forget
You are just a memory
But then again
Memories are a fine thing
Because you are in them
Whole, beautiful and alive
And most importantly,


Thursday, October 08, 2015

The fool's folly

There are days like today when words seem to come from someplace else.
He reads and worries that the words are from a well that is deep and damaged.
Untrue and unfounded
I argue
Because these words are not mine
They don’t belong to me
I am but a tool

The fool is someone else.

And a fool’s folly
Is in waiting for the inevitable to happen
To hope against hope
For a way to stop it

Because the fool’s heart
Believes in miracles
And sometimes
A fool’s prayers
Can turn the world upside down

And the tool’s destiny
Is to watch the inevitable destruction
And write words, deep and damaged

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Stranger in the mirror

What are your colours today?
Orange, yellow and red I said
She laughed and laughed
And called me a liar
And pointed to the grey, blue and black

No, I insisted

The all knowing stranger in my mirror,
She laughed again

At my denial, distress and dismay

Grey grey grey and black
She repeated

Under the farce
Over the lie
Is your colour true
And that, is black so dark
It is blue.

Monday, October 05, 2015

Be still my beating heart

The vagaries of the heart
Is never clearer
Than when you sit and stew
And brood and vent
For hours and days and months
But forgive and forget
And dive right back in the deep end
Because the phone rang.

Saturday, October 03, 2015


Like an incomplete painting
She has got a piece missing
And like the incompetent amateur
I fail to see what it is

Is her nose a little wayward?

Her pose, awkward?
Is it the clothes she wears?
Or the way she stares?

I miss the eye
The key to see
The flaw may be in her
Or maybe, it is in me.

I try to ignore her
And sometimes, to out-stare
She wins, she draws, she pulls
Always and eternally, my incomplete muse.