Thursday, October 30, 2008

such a pig..

MCP: so that woman, have you seen her boobs? i mean you cannot miss them. haha. i forgot her first name. but... who cares about that right? wow. she must have been a size ...uhm ... arre! i forgot i was talking to a woman

Me: fuming*. yes. you forget i know her.

MCP: wahi toh! you woman toh would know what size just by looking, why am i wasting my energy by trying to guess....

Me: very amazed at how idiotic the people of the opposite gender could get.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Mooch part 2, with photos

and so was chronicled our hairy brunch :)

ps: bloody mooch tickled nose bad, wonder how people have it for ever and ever?

Monday, October 20, 2008

mooch nahi toh kooch nahi

we were supposed to meet over brunch this sunday ... and i forgot, so did sri.
we had all of 10 odd minutes to announce our departure, put ita to sleep, leave instructions for when she would wake up, get out of pyjamas, wear clean clothes (damn the bath, damn the bath... it was sunday!) and leave.

minutes before our destination and in the middle of the zillionth signal, we noticed an auto driver trying to commit suicide under a water tanker. on closer observation we realised that the guy had wedged the auto (almost) underneath the tanker so he could clean his windsheild with the water dripping from the leaking tap behing the tanker. we almost missed the bearded salesman during our enthusiastic photographing of this cleansing ritual. almost but not quite.

the false beard and moustache set we bought for Rs.15/- turned out to be a riot at the brunch meeting. fulltoo paisa vasool. all of us tried it on, with variations of course - with moustache, without moustache, the beard on the head (a few drinks later) ... and got ourselves photographed.

it was one of the most amazing meals i have had. we laughed more than we ate, which if you know us, would really tell you how much fun we were having.
if only i could find the picture of mugdha and me posing as sardars now.

Friday, October 17, 2008

No matter what.

upset or sad
yell or shout
hungry or in pain
for a hug, for a cuddle
mums are the best.

i didn't quite get it.
until now.

no matter how much i yell and keep her from doing fun things (eating the chappals, toppling dustbins, putting fingers inside sockets) ... she holds up her little hands and wants her mother to comfort her ...

i am going to miss it when she grows up.
wonder if my mum does too.

Thursday, October 09, 2008


must ...

lose ...

weight ...

uhm... is that a blueberry cheesecake? i'd like 2 slices please.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

i hate sequels.

thanks to the delhi book fair, i have loads of books to read. and then, there was the landmark sale. so you understand just how many options i have, right? wrong. you know why? coz, i read the part 3 of christopher paolini's eragon series: 'Brisingr'... and the thought of having to wait for another 2 years for the concluding part to arrive is driving me batty. so batty, that i cannot concentrate on any other book.

bleddy nonsense.

superb third book btw. go pick. atleast just so we can all discuss and crib about the waiting period.