Friday, April 18, 2014

Do not think at me like that

I have come across so many men, good well educated men who would go out of their way to help a woman in need, who take good care of their girl friends, sisters, mother.... and yet, yet they do not think twice about discussing a woman's anatomy in the basest of ways, just because she is a celebrity or a complete stranger who "is dressed provocatively" or voices her thoughts or is "aggressive"...

Is it wrong to appreciate beauty? Absolutely not. 
But is it wrong to objectify it? You better believe it. And it is not appreciated. At all.

Dear men,
When you look at me
And discuss my anatomy
With friends, with yourself
I hurt.

It makes me want to cringe and cover
and shy away.

You may say you are educated
and respect women
But really, think
Be honest with yourself first
Weren't you the one
Who laughed at the juicy ball joke?
Did I ask for it?
Like a violator would justify it by saying
Maybe I deserved it because I wore a tight t-shirt
Maybe I deserve it all.

It is time to wake up
And understand
I am not just an object
I am a person just like you
Yes I have a beautiful body
But I have a mind too

Don't look at me
and see flesh.
Look at me
and see me.