Monday, July 30, 2007

Partnered our way to Jaipur. Almost.

Friday night was gonna be movie night. Yay. With husband and Gaya-tree and her friends. Yay.
The movie we were gonna watch was 'Partner'. Er, yay. Starring Salman Khan. Ugh. And Govinda. Yay.

Let me cut the yaying and get to the point.
Bloody nonsense movie.
Super nonsense movie.
The last movie I truely wished to walk out of was Hum aapke hain kaun... but even that seems like a wholesome entertainer after that utter wastage of blood and tissues - Salman Khan showcase. Grrr.

So to compensate for all that torture and to clear our heads, we decided we'd drive down to Jaipur.
At 1.30 A.M.
So, we drove on and on. Listening to some good music, munching on some agreeable chips.
And then Gaya says she has got to catch Maya ... and we think she is going to go philosophical on us ...

Only, Maya is her maid who comes in at unholy hours (like 6 A.M.) and is not often catchable/ cornerable.

So we went about 3 quarters of the way and u-turned our way back home.

Slept till 9... and I never heard Maya.
Wish I hadn't heard of Partner either.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Nostalgia: Now three pence less

thats a line that was part of a sonnet ... or was it a couplet. thought it beautiful enough to put it here.

read some more and stumbled upon another gem:
The puppet thinks:
It's not so much,
what they make me do...
as their hands inside me.

a colleague sat on my desk whilst i read through that and he didn't get it. didn't get such simple lines. why? he is not dense or anything, usually is quite a bright chap... but when it comes to poetry... i have seen people just scampering away like they'd catch some dreaded disease or something.

i mean, i don't boast of understanding the rhymes and meters and haikus of most poets, but atleast i try to read it and if it reeks of reality, if the meaning hits home, if it smells of truth and honesty ... then i know i like it.

am blabbering.
i miss you soo ... atleast you got poetry.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Blog, I love you

No, I truly do.
So why have I been ignoring my blog?
Well, that my friend, is the million dollar question...

Am already gone. To find the answer or Nirvana in the process.