Thursday, October 11, 2018


You cannot love her
Like you love a human child he said.
You will get your life back
Once she is gone she said.
He said, she said
And not one
Was hearing what the heart said

She was already love
She was already mine
In giving her up
I gave up something vital
Precious. Pure
She broke my walls
And snuck right through
Giving her up
Broke me
But I am not permitted
To mourn
Not for too long anyway
Because she was not a human
And I am not allowed to love her that much

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Safety Nets

He took me on a roller-coaster ride
And just when we reached the top
He jumped the carriage
Leaving me alone and hanging
From the highest point

She came by then
And put a stop to the whining self pity
If he can jump she said, so can you
So, I listened. I jumped. I flew into friendship
And I have never flown higher

Monday, July 16, 2018

Eye of the beholder

I wish you could see
What a picture you make for me
Perfection in your blemishes
Beauty in chaos

A beaming blossom
Minus a petal or two
Radiant with colour
Emotions of every hue

You are joy
You are power
Incomplete yet whole
My flawed flower.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The new and the shiny

I wonder sometimes
About some people I have met in the past few years

Would they have been mine?
Would I have been theirs?
Would we have had a similar understanding?
Of the ups and downs of life back then

Would we have sat on the platform
And counted local trains by the hour?

Would we have roamed the roads
Hours after everyone was in bed?

Would we have sung sad songs aloud
When one of our hearts got broken?

Would we have climbed a tree
To escape a bunch of people we annoyed?

Would we have got drunk on Benadryl
And thrown up on each other’s shoes?

Would we have cried in the rain
When death took away a loved one?

Would we have sat by the sea and held hands
To try and hold time back?

Would we think we would be together
Through time, distance, relationships?

I will never know
But I think, not.

Only because we are not what we were

Maybe these friendships are more
Because they carry the memory of youth
And the flavour of a life lived.

I can never be theirs
They would never be mine
Not all the way
But they bring colour to life
These new people
They make the journey better
And maybe, right now
Is when we were meant to be
So we could be.

Thursday, November 09, 2017

Horror in Mom Street

Horror in Mom Street
Happens more often
Than I care or please

But the scariest bit
Is creeping lice and stationary nit
In a head full of curly hair
Making mother quake in despair

Giving in is never an option
So divide hair in equal portions
Comb and comb and comb some more
Kill them, squash them by the score

Pour the oil
Wash the hair
Repeat procedure
Poison their lair

I am not a killer
But you raised the bar
You fed on my baby’s blood

I declare war.

Thursday, April 13, 2017


I built a pyre
And burnt all things you.
I promised
To keep the fires on
Till there was not a trace of you left.

I built the pyre
I forgot to jump in.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Stranger I used to know

You chose to erase your past
To forget memories
But you forgot
Those memories belonged to us as well
Because we were part of them

With one decision
You chose to give up
On 25 years’ worth of friendship
And that cut deep
Very, deep

If you had told us
Once. Just once
We would have been happy
To let go
To let you fly unfettered

Because our friendship
Was not about chains
Or boundaries
It was about silliness
About laughter and misspent youth

We would have learnt
To love a new you
But cutting us loose
From the old you
Was not just your choice to make

And that, is going to make it difficult
To trust the person you have become