Monday, April 06, 2015

a bird in hand

She wondered often
how it would be
to be loved with a passion
so furious and all encompassing
that it burnt like an inferno

She wondered often
and overlooked
the steady calm flow
of a river of love.

Saturday, March 07, 2015

Be a jewel bird

There are these tiny birds that fly around busily where I live. They are really small, the size of my thumb with a beak that looks super sharp. These little birds come in several gorgeous colours; emerald green, bright blue, glossy black and a few shades in between. I don’t know what they are officially called, in my head they are the jewel birds. I love watching them as they furiously go about collecting food, looking for bits of string or such to build their nest. They go about their business separately, but occasionally get together and chatter awhile before getting back to work. In the evening, they all get back home to a common tree. Chaos ensues before calm falls.

These birds remind me of women, not because they are all female, but because of how different each of them looks and yet, like us, they share something deeper, something so unique. As women, our strength, our fear, our love, our angst are all woven together to make such a remarkable entity.

It was then that a thought occurred, if the women got together, stuck together and stopped being each other’s worst nightmare, who would dare to stand up and do them harm? Who would dare speak against a woman when her fellow females stood rock solid by her?

I would go to war with the women I call my friends by my side. They are my pillars; they are women who have immense inner strength and a beauty of being. They are rough and soft and sweet and sour and catty and humorous and frivolous and deep… they are a glorious multifaceted lot who can make and break the very fabric of this society.

This women’s day, could we all hold up our hands and say we would stand by each other, through thick and thin, better or worse? Could we respect the amazing spirit each one of us has been bestowed with and give a friendly boost to others whose light is flickering? Could we be like those little birds, each individual jewels, who together, are a minefield of beauty and joy?

Let us choose freedom over the petty and stand by each other, for together, we are a truly formidable bunch.

Happy Days, Women.


Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Being happy is a choice

I have often wondered, why people have to find fault with every little thing.

During a brilliant rendition of the folk dances of India where the music and dancers weaved magic, a set of people wanted to know why the ladies were wearing backless blouses.

While gobbling down a particularly delicious plate of dahi-wada in a cookery contest, a bunch of tasters dissed the chefs for not serving it just so.

Post an event put together by a set of volunteers with no prior experience at putting together something like it, some of the audience grumbled at having to sit for 15 minutes more than was scheduled.

One wonders why one does that... why does one overlook the happiness and beauty in a particular moment? Why would one rather look at a tiny fault when the whole is a magnificent amalgamation of life and joy?

Being petty is so easy, but it only leads to a disgruntled existence.
Be happy people. It is a conscious choice one makes.

Friday, January 30, 2015

From the human hovercraft. Not

Friday, January 09, 2015

laugh to live

Don’t laugh out loud
What’s that weird face?
Are you being sarcastic?
What is that you are wearing?
Farts and burps are not funny
Stop it, people are looking
Did you just snort?

There are many things in this world I am grateful for
But most of all, on the absolute top of my list
Are my people,
Who have the common sense
To see humour in little things
So the big things become simpler

Lighten up, light up
Watch the chip on your shoulder melt away
Religion, status, inclinations, borders exit
Where humour exists

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

One little change

I assume
You presume
and thus ends a beautiful relationship

I judge
You react
and thus ends a wonderful friendship

I argue
You defend
and thus ends a brilliant idea

The end would never be
If only
I heard
and you listened
I spoke
and you reasoned
without prejudice
without preconception
without bitterness

Stay open, stay happy.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Wiring change required

A friend posted a random video and as per form, I clicked on the link and watched it.
Another friend commented on it saying the video came across as vaguely weird to her, she was unable to express her thoughts in words and we had a discussion.

The video portrayed a woman walking down a busy lane post sunset. A bunch of well dressed, beer guzzling romeos follow her, eve teasing happens in full swing till she turns to one of the guys and freezes. The future molester/ rapist freezes and in a shocked tone of voice asks the other guys to stop and desist ... because she is his sister.

So the question is, does one stop eve teasing only because one has a mother or a sister or a wife at home?
Or does one stop eve teasing because it is just plain disrespectful to another human being?

A woman should be respected for being. Not for being someone's someone.

Major re-wiring of mentality is what we need.