Thursday, March 07, 2019

Together again

The warmth of words
A blanket I share with few

The silence though
I share with only you

Make me a cocoon
Weave your breath around it

Conjure a few dreams
Send it my way

Help me sing
Our wordless lullaby

My starlit friend
My secret butterfly

The rolling years
Bring the horizon closer

One day we will hum together
As promised, as foretold

In another world
In another time

Rest till then
And my songs rest with you.

Thursday, February 21, 2019


The same old
The same old
Overlook overlook
Let it grow

Play the game
Do the routine
Wear the mask
Paint over pain

Hide the truth
Hide the true
Lights on
Show on

Kisses kisses
Hugs hugs
I love yous
You love mes

Spotlights off
Cameras turned
There is you
Here is me

Fester Fester
Stew and Brew
Bitter bitter
Ulcer and Pressure

Ugly relation
Fear of alone
Bound for society
Together but forlorn

Let it go
Let it go
Break free
Be free

Clean cuts
Healthy healing
Peaceful days
Lighter being

Thursday, December 13, 2018

The drive to work

A ray of sunshine filtered through the broken window and a tiny corner was lit up.

It was a room I saw in passing. Stuck inside a cab, waiting for the signal to turn green, I got a peek into what would have been someone's home. What had the walls heard and seen? Had the roof felt the rattle of laughter? Had the beams sagged under someone's sorrow? Pale blue walls, trimmed white wooden window frames... they evoked a fairy tale. The lopsided photo of a forgotten God next to a framed picture of a local hero balanced the scale between faith and fame.

The cab began its sluggish march towards my destination.

I turned one last time. To memorize the broken orange and blue buckets piled outside the dismantled door. A used pail of paint and rusty ladder, attempts at fixing a home.
Symbols of lives lived, probably mean an attic full of memories to someone.

We move along. An urchin with a snotty nose and the eyes of an imp catches my attention.

A story everywhere.

Thursday, October 11, 2018


You cannot love her
Like you love a human child he said.
You will get your life back
Once she is gone she said.
He said, she said
And not one
Was hearing what the heart said

She was already love
She was already mine
In giving her up
I gave up something vital
Precious. Pure
She broke my walls
And snuck right through
Giving her up
Broke me
But I am not permitted
To mourn
Not for too long anyway
Because she was not a human
And I am not allowed to love her that much

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Safety Nets

He took me on a roller-coaster ride
And just when we reached the top
He jumped the carriage
Leaving me alone and hanging
From the highest point

She came by then
And put a stop to the whining self pity
If he can jump she said, so can you
So, I listened. I jumped. I flew into friendship
And I have never flown higher

Monday, July 16, 2018

Eye of the beholder

I wish you could see
What a picture you make for me
Perfection in your blemishes
Beauty in chaos

A beaming blossom
Minus a petal or two
Radiant with colour
Emotions of every hue

You are joy
You are power
Incomplete yet whole
My flawed flower.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The new and the shiny

I wonder sometimes
About some people I have met in the past few years

Would they have been mine?
Would I have been theirs?
Would we have had a similar understanding?
Of the ups and downs of life back then

Would we have sat on the platform
And counted local trains by the hour?

Would we have roamed the roads
Hours after everyone was in bed?

Would we have sung sad songs aloud
When one of our hearts got broken?

Would we have climbed a tree
To escape a bunch of people we annoyed?

Would we have got drunk on Benadryl
And thrown up on each other’s shoes?

Would we have cried in the rain
When death took away a loved one?

Would we have sat by the sea and held hands
To try and hold time back?

Would we think we would be together
Through time, distance, relationships?

I will never know
But I think, not.

Only because we are not what we were

Maybe these friendships are more
Because they carry the memory of youth
And the flavour of a life lived.

I can never be theirs
They would never be mine
Not all the way
But they bring colour to life
These new people
They make the journey better
And maybe, right now
Is when we were meant to be
So we could be.