Thursday, April 19, 2007

Corbett is one of the best places, ever

Jim Corbett did us all a favour by helping build the Tiger sanctuary.
No, we didnt get to see a Tiger ... that royal of all royalty.
But we stayed in a forest reserve guest house
where we had chinkaras (blackbucks) for company
with occasional visits from stags and deer, who had been fed and raised by the forest officials
and how could i forget the peacocks?
Dancing gaily and calling out to each other all day .. and practically all night

This was my second visit. I loved it the first time. I loved it this time around. I am going back. Promise.

A lonely tree against a blue blue sky

The game of stones in which the older generation won, hands down

Staple evening diet ... Maggi Noodles :)

The steps to the machaan

The ancient Banyan

The little bugger who kept head butting me all over the place :)


Thursday, April 05, 2007

Long chutti yay!

after a long long long time,
we finally have a couple of days off.
~happy :)