Friday, July 27, 2007

Nostalgia: Now three pence less

thats a line that was part of a sonnet ... or was it a couplet. thought it beautiful enough to put it here.

read some more and stumbled upon another gem:
The puppet thinks:
It's not so much,
what they make me do...
as their hands inside me.

a colleague sat on my desk whilst i read through that and he didn't get it. didn't get such simple lines. why? he is not dense or anything, usually is quite a bright chap... but when it comes to poetry... i have seen people just scampering away like they'd catch some dreaded disease or something.

i mean, i don't boast of understanding the rhymes and meters and haikus of most poets, but atleast i try to read it and if it reeks of reality, if the meaning hits home, if it smells of truth and honesty ... then i know i like it.

am blabbering.
i miss you soo ... atleast you got poetry.


e said...

Bot lagin tithey gudguliya?

Soo said...


Tinky Toinkers said...

e: ho ho why not?

soo: you are back you are back... yay.