Monday, February 12, 2007

Home sweeeeet home :)

The rain God played party pooper and we had to cancel our trip to Surajkund Mela... was a major disappointment, especially since it would have been my first visit to the place and I have heard so much about it...*mutter mutter silly rain god fella mutter mutter*

In the end, I was forced to do the very thing I wished to avoid by going off to the Mela ... unpacking. Bleh.

But its ok, I clicked a lot of flop pictures.

Presenting... our house, in delicious disarray:
Who stole the washbasin?

The only reasonably sane place at home

The terrace garden thats supposed to have picket fences *fumes*

The bed of roses?

The guest room. The guest can come and unpack ;)

Trying to make sense of all them many of them :(

Stairway to heaven ... kitchen :)

A study in chaos


Anonymous said...

Ah, I wish I was there to help you decorate and organize. I love the terrace garden and can imagine the picket fence.

E said...

Yeh Clinton ko bill kay saath solitaire kheylne chhod diya Monica? Wiase naya ghaar, nayee gaadi...bhadiyaa hai. Congrats!

Shiv said...

wow !! By the looks of it, this house must have drilled quite a hole in your pockets!!

I like the way you capture your husband's moods on camera.He seems almost as hen-pecked as me!!I know it's a cocky statement ( I am just missing my butter chicken )!

austere said...

:) Lovelyyy!
Terrace garden you say, but our man with the bills seems to be on the ground floor, hence am confused.
LOVE the colors on the walls. Study seems "settled", picket fences in no time, I'm sure- such a lovely home! Mubarak ho!

Tinky Toinkers said...

proxima: would u consider a visit to india then? please? help would be very much appreciated :)

e: heh. nayi gaadi nahi hai, but firbhi... badiya hai;)

shiva: my husband is my favorite model. and the hole in our wallet can swallow the world :(

austy: man with the bills is seated on the first floor :) the colours are my pride and joy... well the whole house is! thank you haan. so, when u coming to delhi now???

Anonymous said...

If the flight wasn't so long and expensive I would be right over.

I hope they will make Star Trek Transporters soon, then I could just beam myself over and still be back home in time to make dinner for my husband. :) Men, they rarely eat healthy unless we cook for them! Phish

Anonymous said...


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