Friday, July 07, 2006

Corporate Meetings

This was scribbled this morning, when I was supposed to be taking down notes.
I h a t e m e e t i n g s .. especially those long never ending ones where I am supposed to look intelligent. Takes a toll on my energy levels.
Keeping eyes open + look intelligent & interested...
Multi tasker I am not...

Bored to death
Muddy brown
A handful of earth
and I'd settle down
No riches, no wine and
and certainly no goals
Gimme my cheque
and just lemme go

Smoky wifts of contempt
Eyes full of scorn
Petty talks to submerge
the arrogance of sound
I'd rather be sleeping,
sleeping snug and warm
In the embrace of my blanket
peaceful ... and calm


GratisGab said...

"gimme my cheque, and just lemme go"

you speak my heart girl!! :)

well put!!

Pallavi said...

Hey nice to see you pass by.. how have you been doing besides work.. :)

I am immersed in it so the only way to come out is to dream ... hahaha !!!

as for website.. well I do have a website I am working on it.. now it seems it will be a work in progress forever.. LOL.


Anonymous said...

He he also blogging right now from office only....


moimystique said...

heyyy toinks!!!!how u doing?!?

devika said...

hey know....the worst thing about harbour line????even with a light shower....there are problems in te harbour line...and when you desperately want to go some find it shut down.......and its frequency is like once in 15 minutes.......and the crowd(except in the 1st class)..........dont know the rains arent that bad..if the trains work and the roads have the traffic moving.......btw...rams dinno you came here....

devika said...

u know.the thing you wrote.....its applicable for each and every human being....btw....sleep is the only thing in life one could die for.....(talking about me)

zap said...

Elvis must leave the building. It isn't that hard.

Anonymous said...

when I go home you must come for dinner.
just dont ask 'when'