Thursday, July 06, 2006

Drenched in Nostalgia

"u know... yesterday i didnt go to office.... it was raining so bad, and i rememebred the tp we used to do when u were here! felt like going out int he rain with a closed umbrella in hand... felt like getting wet by sharing jsut 1 umbrella with someone.... felt like going back to that day when we walked all the way home from station after dropping meera at her place! :-) missed u :-( ..."

Congratulations. You got me. Again.

Yes, I remember the day you are reminiscing about.

The rain
The crowded platform
The cancelled trains
The crazy ideas
The long walk
The shared umbrella
The drenched shoulders
The mad family
The smell of vada-pav

I miss it all, sorely.

But you know what hurts the most? The part where I cannot be with you today… the fact that I cannot be there to see your eyes shine as they scan through birthday cards… I cannot feel the laughter bubbling up behind that indignant voice which trying to guess the contents of the ‘gift-wrapped’ package…

The fact that I cannot be with you on your birthday

Such is life huh?

Happy Birthday Prabha… Have a brilliant life


Ellie said...

Somethings are always better when thought about in this way...

Sometimes its good to reminisce and feel so elated at the time gone by... jus wish, it hadn't whooshed by so fast. So relate to what you have written...Life misses people so much!

Great to drop by ur blog...:)

Kapil Lalwani said...

happy bday prabha :D:D