Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The casting couch exists…

We sat across the table, the old friend and I
Sipping a sad cold coffee and a watery iced tea

He: Am producing a movie sometime soon
Me: *Insert smart-ass inane joke here*
Me: Hyuck hyuck… I am so funny… you ought to use my lines for your film
He: Why not ... You will have to buy me dinner though, and often
Me: What? Waitamminnit! Why?
He: Simple funda … You wanna write for my movie, you gotta feed me… and anyone who wants a role in it will have to sleep with me… *smug grin*
Me: Haila … *Imagine open-mouthed, utterly amazed/disgusted/vague expressioned toinks here*


n.g. said...

so when he's not producing movies, he fucks stuffed toys?

driftwood said...

Is this who I think it is?

driftwood said...

Yes, indeed it is. Clicked on the link. Though the initials gave it away.

Do you even reply to smses anymore? Or have you changed number?