Monday, July 31, 2006

Gymming after 2 years



Reeta Skeeter said...

good!!! Kp it up!! Keep dat down...wot?? weight!! have green tea! Yumm!!


Aditya said...

!_! nahiiii i don't want a cousin sister who is stronger and bigger than me :'( no no no no no no no no

dobereinerr said...

an that's difficult. can vOUCH for it.

Anonymous said...

hey you're married now, why you need to gym? ;)

jusssssssssssst kidding.

Naina said...

Atleast u started...Awesome...
You shall soon get addicted.

Knives and Knuckles...Solid combo

Tinky Toinkers said...

Green teas sucks.
Aditya, rejoice for you have an exceptional cousin, lucky bum you.
D - Thanks, but i really can't stand another ouch. ow. owch.
Anony - Come here baby, come here so I can thump the weights on your head.
Naina - Haan re, knives and knuckles with a bit of muskles ;)

Twilight Fairy said...

didnt you do ur warmups? :p.. it's not supposed to hurt re..

Kapil Lalwani said...

ailaaaaaaaaaa u gymming!

Elysia said...

I am trying to go from such a long time...Have become fat like a piggy..