Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Eradicator - Search. Find. Destroy.

It was a dark night
The humid weather lulled the mind…

The slightest of sound
And the inert body was transformed to a state of supreme alertness
A tiny beam of light emerged on its right hand
And scanned the breadth of visible territory
Even the minutest of movement didn’t go unnoticed

The predator was a seasoned one…
Treading softly
He jumped when he had to, making almost no sound

Almost …

That tiny slip-up cost him

His home
His food
His hearing ability
He probably died of a delayed cardiac arrest
When the terminator screamed out her lungs.

~ The End ~

PredatorKiller rat disguised as a meek mouse

TerminatorToinks disguised as a shrieking banshee

Source of lightTorch disguised as a regular mobile
(No picture available. Shy guy, this one.)


Aditya said...

And the wife asked her husband..."are you a mouse or a man"......

Kapil Lalwani said...

poooor mouse!

Arunima said...

Now, it must be knocking on heaven's door.

Gangu Patel said...

hahaha... Gangu thought this post was cute! Speakin of cutee... Have u checked out Gangu... in Gangu's Adventures!? :-P Check it out... It might be an interesting read. :-)

Tinky Toinkers said...

and then the mouse was deported to haunt one particular cousin.
laloo, believe me, its poor you all the way after that comment.
arunima, hell is the only place for an evil being like that.
u are quite a nutcase mister patel..

dobereinerr said...

Hope U din sell the movie rights of this to any one...

Anonymous said...

chuha ghosts...
a pitter patter and a dhantannanaan..clank (a vessel falls)
thinking up a suitable tune for this horror yes pls...