Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Grandma Toinks

My cousin's daughter gave birth to twin girls

Learnings from the above sentence:
  1. All my ancestors had children ... loads of them. Pots and pots of them.
  2. The oldest sibling was usually old enough to mother/father the youngest one.
  3. I have a large, extended family.
  4. I am a grandmommy.



Cherie! said...

Ayyo! And congrats. Ahem, now behave your age or station in life at least.

Naina said...


Get ready for weeps, wails, cries , Nappies and huggies :-D


Elysia said...

: ) I can so understand.... Same here in my family too...but im not a grandmommy yet though.... :(

Hyde said...

You became a grandmommy towards the end of 2003. Forgot already?

Tinky Toinkers said...

i am not allowed in the metro stations of delhi, they threaten to take away my pocket knife. cheapos.
i am used to the entire nappy cries burp routine, remember, i have a large, large family.
Inshallah, elysia, sometime soon :p
and hush hyde... hush hush hush.
*offers larger chunk in the will if you dont mention such details in public anymore*
*wonders if larger chunck would be the box of caramel toffees or the bottle of strawberry jam*

dobereinerr said...


driftwood said...

Have a nephew who's older than me. At one point, when I was 12 and he was 15 and when I rode piggyback on him and he taught me how to whistle like a traffic cop without the whistle, I wanted to marry him :D.

Congrats, Toinkabelle!!

moimystique said...


Ellie said...

He he he..The great indian Family drama!

I have a grand mommy who is in 7th rite now... :-o That's the tide goin the wrong way...

Patrix said...

Holy moly! Reminds me of that song, "I'm my own Grandpa"...Congrats!!