Friday, August 18, 2006

Rich and the Really Rich

On the 15th of August, our Independence Day, the husband and I were invited to attend a cultural program. It was organised, choreographed and conducted by special children.

As I sat there, watching the little ones perform their hearts out… I heard a sniffle. I turned around to see a young woman with tears in her eyes. She said that was her daughter singing … the one who had to be carried on to the stage because she suffered from severe cerebral palsy. I could almost touch the pride I saw in the mother’s eyes.

Their family was not affluent she said, but they felt their child deserved more than living off a wheelchair.
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Last evening we went over to a friend’s place. The friend told us about the horror stories she had heard in an adoption centre.

One of them was about how a couple came by in a Mercedes and dropped their infant daughter in the crib kept for abandoned children. The couple had decided to keep the twin, a boy, though.
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Gems and gold
Are all you hold
Coz you miss an important part
Several tongues call it several things
What we commonly call a heart.


Kapil Lalwani said...

Hmmmm its sad but true!

Cherie! said...

sad :(

Naina said...

The treasure of one seems waste to another...
A momment of one is a lifetime for another,
One word tossed by one is a reason to live for another,
Whats elixir for me is the poison for the other...

Different perspectives different people...wonder where that one god is ?
Busy drining milk i guess...

dobereinerr said...

Different 'kinds' of people, eh?

Some humans. Some not.

n.g. said...

the daughter will probably grow up to struggle her way into a prestigious job at the UN headquarters in NY after a career lined with awards and honours.

the son will probably grow up into a beer guzzling coke snorting good for nothing insult to humanity rapist who will bonk some skank 50 years older than him and then refuse to pay her fee, and she'll blow the lid on him so he sits in the shutter until his family is nice and humiliated and have to pay the whore off in crores and pack this dickwad off to someplace where he can debauch his life away without getting in their way.

what goes around, comes around.

Elysia said...

These people will rot in hell...And as n.g says...their son will prolly make sure that happens here on earth itself...

Tinky Toinkers said...

Yes laloo, I know it is true... you think i write fairy tales here? :P

cherie: you bet. you bleddy bet.

naina: one man's food is another man's poison. but little kids... ?

Dob dude, you said it.

n.g... clear as ever, arent we?

elysia: maybe they will, but before that, they would have left behind a stinking specimen who will follow in their footstep and continue making a rotton mess of many more lives.

jedi said...

why are they called special children?

Anonymous said...

As ng said, it will too. hisaab kitab sab barabar at story end.

Alien said...

Here after a long time... nice to be back..