Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Define Beautiful

or love
or joy

or alternatively, tell me why people look so earnest when they are digging their nose.



Aparna said...

that last question is easier answered ;)

E said...


Elysia said...

Only you can come up with such things...


Tinky Toinkers said...

Aps, it ain't. And howdy :)

eeeeeeee.... welcome back!

elysia: you could too, if only you tried. *sage look*

Cherie! said...

awww...the queen remembers a vassal *sigh* life ye be goode!!

jedi said...

beautiful: a moment of visual excellence
love: a pre or post coital emotion
joy: a popular bengali male name
nose: coz they know what they are doing is socially incorrect, so they delude themselves that they must really do it because its important to their mental and physical wellbeing and it shows on their face.
cheerings: the number of marks on the tablecloth caused by water condensing and sliding down the beer mug. it has a SD of +-2 because of people who make it a point to keep their mugs at exactly the same place; after 3 mugs, the same place magically shifts a bit.

Anonymous said...

did you? define it, i mean.


Tinky Toinkers said...

Jedi - you are not allowed to write comments that are bigger than my darned article.
You are also not allowed to be funnier than me, in my blog page.

Austy - nope, can you?

jedi said...

@tinku: humbug. its not my fault. i have recurring phenomena of verbal diorhhea (spl?).
btw please remove the word verification thing. i dont like typing words like lksbib.

Tinky Toinkers said...

will not. this is my revenge. hehahaha.

Nemesis. Brattism. Yada. said...

couldn't be truer said.

me thinks they're truly soul searching.
maybe their reside high up their nasal orifices.

who knows?

spirituality and such beans.

Soo said...

bcos u love them

Tinky Toinkers said...

Brat: The gateway to your soul is through your nostril - Old jungle saying

Soo ... su waat karesh?