Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Pride clogging my arteries

You, who made me the person I am
You, who can charm an ant out of its pants
You, who is striving towards a doctorate
You, who is the handsomest pest in the world
You, who is strumming away on my ancient guitar
You, who bunks college to finish a much loved novel
You, all…

I hate you guys…
Every last one of you
For in your own devious way, you have worked towards making my existence miserable.

Happy Raksha Bandhan … And you darn well keep up with the good work…
I love your brand of misery...
Maybe, I am just going senile, but what the heck!



Cherie! said...

Awww...happy naral poornima too!

wormtongue said...

buhahaha :P yus yus... :D:D ..

Nemesis, and still commenting. said...

i want intro to these cute-cute boysus ya!

Tinky Toinkers said...

Cherie: it was ok only.

wormie: poda.

nemesis: if you promise you will not re-introduce them to the buhaha boyuses, i might just do it for you.