Monday, September 04, 2006

It is all in the name

You can call pav-bhaji … bhaji-pav (only coz I have come to accept the fact that all of us cannot be blessed)
But you do not, I repeat, do SIMPLY not call Vada Pav … Pav Vada…

It is an insult to that amazingly delightful of dishes.

And will someone please open a tapri where I can get a regular supply of the above mentioned yummilicious thingy in deprived Dilli? With Garlic chutney? And meetha chutney? And onions? And green chillies? Droolllll ...*

"What's in a name? That which we call a rose, by any other word would smell as sweet." - Shakespeare
Whatever you say Mr. PearyShocks


Hyde said...

No, no, it is Sheikh Yus Pee Yarr.

Cherie! said...

no no it is smell as sweat.

Nemesis. Brat. said...

shaking the sphere.
shake the spear.

(ew. that was so gross.)
(screw freud and his projective techniques)

jedi said...

so whats ur point?
if they called it something else, u wouldnt eat it?

Laloo said...

merko bhi khana hai ! booooohoo but no worries ....december mein sab kasar poori karoonga!

Anonymous said...

I am good! How be you?! Long,long time!


Tinky Toinkers said...

Hyde: That err ... kinda sounded real real gross.

Cherie: You are just as bad as hyde. ok, maybe a wee bit better.

Nemesis: blast that freud fella, he is da man who ruined alice in wonderland for me... and many other such what-i-used-to-think-innocent poems :(

jedi: the point is we demand respect for being called what we are meant to be called. will i or wont i eat is not the point of contention here.

laloo: yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! and pani puri and shree krishna. shlurp!

arunz: watsaa?!

Anonymous said...

Samosa Pav roks, I say!

- Dobereinerr

Hyde said...

Ok, how about Sheikh Asfee Yarr?

Anonymous said...

You MUST try the jumblo vada pao.
*Lesser mortals would not know, let them be*


Elysia said...

Main courier karke bhejoon kya? Roz ek vada pav.. : )

Reeta Skeeter said...

I thought somebody had plans to open the stall by herself..

Tinky Toinkers said...

Doby Dear, the bhajiya pav is another personal favourite...*yummminings* Oh hell, you are gonna get me started all over again...argggggggggggghhh.

Hyde: with a name like that, his books would possibly be under scrutiny by the big daddy... you know, in case he was hiding ways to make bombs behind love stories.

austere: jumbo, not so jumbo, maxi, mini ... kuch bhi chalega

elysia: yes. yes. yes. please.

RS: yo man, am gonna get me a joint i tell ya. as soon as i marry mister money bags. ok, am married already, so i guess i will have to lure a rich old bugger to have an affair or something... lemme see...

Hyde said...

Joint as in eating place? For a moment, I wondered what happened to you!

Anonymous said...

arre dilliwali, there is a chain of vada pao shops by tht name na, right outside the major stations..


wormtongue said...

yaap paav buggers!!! these dilli walas are crazy!!
would you believe i actually have the luxury of saying NO to vadapav!! :D:D

p.s .. been waiting over a week to comment on this one!!