Monday, September 18, 2006

our 5 day vacation

We saw Lage raho Munnabhai
We watched it sitting in seats scattered across the hall
We laughed a long time after the movie was over

We went to Dubare elephant camp, coorg
We extended our stay once we got there
We ate ... a lot
We slept ... a lot
We did a bit of walking (to the dinner hall from the cottage and back)
We bathed elephants
We patted errant puppy dogs
We missed friends, old and the older
We saw water snake, in water
We saw, through Mugdhas' eyes, National Geographic Moment where the snake missed a meal
We went koracling
We never learn spellings
We went for morning walks, our souls and moral support rested with Mugdha and Sri (because we were resting ourselves and could'nt be bothered to move our butt to go on a nature trail and identify crows)
We ate ... a lot
We slept ... a lot
We pottied... a lot
We saw stupid documentary made by stupid half french half indian curly haired moronic slimeball who loves elephants for all the wrong reasons and keeps them in captivity with big fat chains on their feet and calls it historic relationship between mahouts and pachyderms and we think she sucks rotton turkey eggs
We clicked nice pictures
We bathed elephants
We slipped in the slush and while flailing for support, almost pulled the mahout's chaddi
We took video recording of all the moments
We think every moment was momentous but we lacked cds, batteries and brains
We also did lot of translations from Marathi to Hindi and English for the benefit of Sri
We are considerate peoples
We went to nincompongolim* monastry
We drank coconut paani
We saw Monks playing goti
We bought rang de basanti cassette
We donated cassette to driver and kept cover ... so we could get lyrics atleast
We want to go back

We are Thanks to you for reading us and our long travel story and we will posting photos soon.


*We are not very good with complex names


Hyde said...

Edited to add (on behalf of TT) : We also forgot to visit two members of the fambly.

Reeta Skeeter said...

Cirkeshwar rockz! Pics where? Luking fwd to c... :)

Twilight Fairy said...

Had a nice vacation eh!! what abt ur house? had the house warming yet?

driftwood said...

We seconds, thirds and nths Hyde!!

PS: Glad you had a good time :-).

wormtongue said...

they were lovely photographs.. vapas gaand jalaya mera with your vacation trips..&*(%*&%)*&

wormtongue said...

thappack!!!!!!!!! my comment finally got thru!!!!!!!! yay!!! %)*&%)% about god damn time!!
i felt it in my bones that thoda gaali dega toh it will work..:)

Tinky Toinkers said...

Hyde and Maddie: You are the only thing I regret about this trip. I did so wanna meet up, but the river Cauvery was in a spate and didnt let us leave the island for a long time.
*uncrosses fingers*


TF: When house warming happens, we will need a fairy to bless it. Actually we need a fairy to bless it now to get the labourers to get off their butts now. Care to help?

Warmtongue: Luuuuuuuuuuuuwwwwwwwwwweeee you tooooooooooo :D:D:D:D:D:D:D
Will add @ yagoo!

Hyde said...

My bike ka spare tyre was spared, so ...

Anonymous said... that explains all the elephant bathing and other thingies ..hee hee
hope u had a nice time out....
and yeah i am here after like ages...job sucks...grrrrrrr