Friday, September 29, 2006

Look ma, an elephant and another and ...

We scrubbed with the rind of a spiny fruit. It looked and felt like a wire mesh, but the elephants didn't look too distressed... so we scrubbed and scrubbed and IT WAS HARD WORK. So we went back and had a hearty lunch.
I am good at justification.

This guy was a hunk. Every inch of him reeked of royalty. Only, I forgot his name.
I do remember the name of the littlest fellow there though.

He is 'Ekdanth' or the single toothed one.

One of the beautiful cottages that were occupied by some of the most beautiful people.
us :D

Bum Chums. I watch your back, you watch mine. Yada Yada. Blah blah.


Hyde said...

Reminded me of a joke I read on Orkut-

A male elephant fell in love with a female ant. Both decided to get married. But the parents of the ant were against it. Why?


Kyunki ladke ke daant bahar hain!

aabeirah said...

@tinky: You figured how to do it!!! You uploaded the pics...:) Congratulations...

Reeta Skeeter said...

the last pic is reallllllly cute.... :)

Cherie! said...

I like the 'pink' elephant the bestest :D! *bhago*

dobereinerr said...

Now this is Jumbo Fun, I say!

Anonymous said... u actually bathed elephants :)
amazing mommie


Tinky Toinkers said...

hyde: pathetic joke. not funny at all. considering thats what my in laws probably said when they saw my pics. NOT funny.

Aby: did that long ago, but thanks for the moral support and sideline cheering :)

Scooter Skeeter: Chant after me, all the pics are award winning, all the pics are award winning, all the ....

cherie: hahahahahahaha .... yeah. btw, say hi to mugs. she is the elephant in pink.
hahahahahahahahaha ...

doby: just like jumbo wada pav wot?

amit: kidhar hai be tu?

dobereinerr said...

Na re, this must surely have been Jumboer Fun! N it is Samosa Pav that absolutely ROKS!

Cherie! said...

Hi mugs!

soo said...

lovely pics! hope you had a good holiday :D

burf said...

cudnt see ur pic though :p