Friday, October 06, 2006

Of Gods and Traditions

When it comes to traditions, religion, culture, history, mythology ... I am an ignoramus.

I have often pooh-poohed at my older relatives who have religiously stuck to their faith. While most time they actually do not understand the deeper meaning behind an act, there are times when I end up getting an answer to satisfy even my boxed opinion.

Hinduism they say, is not a religion, but a way of life.

I hunger to know more about it. The real reason behind every ritual, every act. This is one good place to start, I think…


dobereinerr said...

The one God I believe in is Ganapati Bappa. Moreya!

NanNan said...

Isn't there really only one God, whatever we deign to call Him-- and I doubt if he's in competition with himself-----

E said...

Deir aayad durust with your journey :)

Cherie! said...

Oh God! She's comming! :O!

austere said...

What abt Krishnavatar? Wht abt all that you've rad and imbibed, growing up?
*off now to see what you've linked*

Tinky Toinkers said...

Doby: :o) Ganu Bappa is the cutest! Being a Mumbaikar, it IS quite difficult not to love the elephant trunked one. Actually even otherwise :D

nannan: Truer words were never spoken... only i would like to learn more about why we had to have so many Gods in the first place...

e: bas aapki dua saath rahe toh har safar ho aasaan :)

cherie: uh .. who? mugs maybe ;)

austy: i love you eternally for the krishnavtar. all that i have read and imbibed seems like such a small drop against the ocean that is our culture, nahi?

austere said...

haan woh bhi hai.
but to claim that you know nothing is incorrect, false modesty.

burf said...

when babur came to india, he said, people here live naked, they don't know how to cook and they don't have sense for art

dint anyone ask him that who gives a damn to the fashion when in space????

Soo said...

i like religion purely as another (warped) way of looking at history. Religion per se...I can only think of Babri Masjid...godhra...etc etc

dobereinerr said...

Arrey yaar, one of my computtar crazy friends has given me this total dhammal javascript code. All u have to do is copy paste it onto yur address bar, aur phir solled majja comes. U won't believe tera hatti log kya speed may run karta hai!

I tried to put it in yur comment box, par sala blogger sez cannot accept HTML as soem bluddy tag is broken. @#$%^&*

Koi alternate route?

n.g. said...

you are not an ignoramus.

you are an ignora-miss.


ok, im going now.

actually, ur an ignora-mrs.