Friday, October 13, 2006

Pay Back

After seven years
I met up with one half of the people
Who gave me my first break
He sat on the opposite side this time
As a vendor

Eight years ago
He sat on a table once
With a lost scared girl
And explained a concept
She worked on building
For one whole year

I left the place
Moved on
Built my career
Doing the very same thing
He taught me
One day
Eight years ago

In that place
I met with colleagues
I call my friends today
Blood of my soul
Pulse of my life
Buddies forever

Thank you A and M
You have done a lot
That a lot do not think right
A lot, including me
But I remain
For that first break
That lesson in life



dobereinerr said...

Yup, if one gets a break at the right kinda place the first job can be that invaluable lesson arite. Can make all the difference.

Cherie! said...

oh wow

Soo said...

and then...?