Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Genetic Garbage

I almost killed a guy today
Given a chance, I would do it again … and again.

There are these bastards roaming the streets of Delhi. They wear the sacred ochre robes of the sages and captured snakes around their necks. They shove the snakes into the faces of unsuspecting people and demand money in the name of the Snake God… and most folks give in… more out of fear than reverence.

One of them tried his trick with me this morning.
The poor cobra he had captured was reason enough for me to kick his backside to hell and back. The way he tried to threaten me broke my resolve.

He got away with a tongue-lashing this time. The next time around, changing lights not withstanding, he or one of his cronies are going to see what a sting really feels like.

This snake bites. And she is bloody venomous when threatened by scumbags who torture animals and play up on people’s fears.


dobereinerr said...

Peace be with U balike.

Sala sadhu baba log ki toh waat lagne wali hai!

Soo said...

This is exactly what I feel! only i have never gotten the guts to scream back at them ever! :(

Cherie! said...

Scorp corps however sting...and they will on the 31st AGAIN! *shwishh* or whatever it is that Scorpions say :D

aabeirah said...

@tinky: What a thing to do! Way to go tinky. :) May the force be with you!!! Hissssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss....

aparna said...

Ahhh.. never heard of that trick before.

ps - good going, girl!!

amitken said...

Main teri dushman,
dushman tu mera
Main Naagin Tu Sapera


Tinky Toinkers said...

Doby: Yeah... saala dhongi sadhus.

Soo: Take a deep calming breath and go. those scumbags do not deserve any sympathy.

cherie: they dont say. they do. buhahaha.

aby: yessssssssssssss thatssssss the way to be (ssssss)

appu: you have been spared then. it is mighty sad to see them beautiful snakes treated thus.

amit: heh! ja. i so wanted to bonk the pungi on that creep's head!

Anonymous said...

Way to go toinks!!! Yeah .. strike one back for the Animal Kingdom.

jedi said...

i got scammed opp. NDLS, for 500 bucks. the snake 'ate' my money. that was one experience hunting that bit deep into my right butt.

Anonymous said...

Hi.... It is hard to keep a track on your blogs...

Shadowspy said...

That one was pretty funny.
Watch out world!!!TOINKS the mighty protector of all snakedom is here!!!
Tnx for commenting again.
Will have a look at the books you said. Currentyly im readign the 5th Artemis Fowl-The Lost colony. Its awsome, cant wait for the Eargon movie due next month.
May u be in good health and may you prosper in your noble mission.