Friday, November 03, 2006

am bored.

i took the day off yesterday
took the parents shopping
bought a truckload of clothes
oohed and aahed at the great indian weave mela
spent more money
avoided husband's probing finance related questions
ate some not so good but heavanly smelling food
am back in office
and it is friday
i so do not wanna work

i am very super ultimately completely bored. i am so bored that i am going to find words @ thesauras for synonyms for bored...

... ok. am also lazy.


Hyde said...

And you told me in the morning that you are busy!

Anonymous said...

You Can get not bored so fast ....

Time is toooo less to get bored

Anonymous said...

Angels can fly because they take themselves lightly; devils fall because of their gravity

I just happen to read this...

Drumster said...

hey there!! Long time... how are you? from the posts it seems like u are having a ball :P

Tinky Toinkers said...

Hyde: Chil, u will learn dat to work is to die of boredom.

Anon: yes yes why not. now define how many things you can do in an office ka cubicle with reams of reports and a clutch of colleagues to keep an eye on ya. and no, bending over to touch a toe with my nose is not a good option. and it is not fun. it reminds me of gym.

Anon 2: Are you another anon or the same anon? anony way, nice lines there.

drumster ... whazaaaaaaaa :D

austere said...

You sound good!