Monday, November 13, 2006

Don Bhai, Salaam.

The husband and I went to watch Farhan Akhtar's Don the other day.

We came back with our faith in Mr. Akhtar's skills intact.

Nice movie.
Heard a fellow movie watcher comment: "Would have been a bumper hit if only he had chosen another name for it..."

Maybe not.

We liked it anyway.

Nice Film there ... despite Shahrukh Khan... and *shudder* Kareena Kapoor.


Sneha said...

but you just said this:

some time ago! omg.. are you two different people?

Tinky Toinkers said...

Yus yus and, yus. :D

Anonymous said...

Shah Rukh ko koi roko, plis, the guy can't match Big B's charisma, n looks definitely sycho to boot.


- Dobereinerr

Sneha said...

so foolisssss I am. But you know you share her name, she's a vegetarian too, feminist, an animal lover, loves and lives in Mumbai, writes well, reads a lot.... maybe you two are actually twins!!

Anonymous said...

Hi .. You do not update your blog everyday .... Why ???

moimystique said...

hey twoinky me back again:)

Tinky Toinkers said...

doby: ah.... very er, loveable be she, i gotta agree :D

sneha: i know i know. have been hearing this for quite a while now. but she is more prolific and deep.

anony: mujhe maaf kar do judge saab, waqt kam aur kaam zyada honeke wajah se mujhse yeh jurm hua hai... meri majboori ko apni sahanubhuti ki aahuti do aur mujhe ba-izzat bari kardo..

mystique: what re, sticking to your name wot? sometime coming sometime going. mysterious woomans!

Anonymous said...

Check out my views on Don on

The Shadowspy said...

Thanks for the comment.
We share quite a few favorite books like LOTR and thr bartimaeus triology. Have you read Artemis Fowl though?
Cat O nine tales is pretty good too, you are reading that now arent you?
Keep visiting.

austere said...

Don mala nako.he shouldnt have TRIED.
te way the credit lines appear and the music is good.