Wednesday, November 22, 2006

the mirror

i was part of the media
i was proud
once upon a time.
bursting at the seam, gloriously, gloatingly proud.

a snake chasing a toddler
a wife beating her husband
a child trapped in a pit
a man with a tail
a father's anguished plea to be left alone
a daughter naming her mother for a pimp
news. news. news.
coverage. 24 hours of in-your-face coverage.

100 Tibetan protestors... bundled and sent to jail
for protesting against the guy who represents their misery, their anguish, their loss of the place they called Home

not newsworthy. nope. such things dont matter. people are arrested. people are not let out even when their bail can happen. not just worthy of a coverage.
its just a bunch of people you know ... fighting for their rights... how can that possibly be better than the miraculous appearance of the image of a God on a tree? i mean... toinks, how dumb can you be?

i am part of the media
i cringe, shrivel
every single time.

edited to add:
redemption in sight:


austere said...

happens. page 3, paid for, what an effign circus, the new episode from the mahajans, for instance. Tibwet and Gere? still there is immense good. i stand by that.

austere said...

sorry- typos

Sahil said...

Couldnt agree with you more. half the stuff they pump u with doesnt make sense. the real stuff is conveniently left out.
U know who i am actually. You have been to my other blog which i wont name. Lets just say Don and Bond reviews. Get it?
visit me on
where i am what i am.
CU there.

Alien said...


Thats how things are .. there could be a lot of examples that say the same thing..

Hope there are enough people who play the game and see it the way you do..

Then we can expect change!!

zap said...

the media only reflects the world.

moimystique said...

yeah..look at the ash abhishek stuff..whole country going berserk...

Ashthemist said...

Hey ho...

Life is life and will always be.

Listen, do you have your old frirnd Kash's rediff blog site? I cannot get to her site at all she's been missing from the scene for oh-too-long! Puhleeze lemme know...

Tinky Toinkers said...

austy: i don't know if i stand by it... but yeah, sometimes they come up and pull you right back in

sahil: yus i know u. you mysterious fella you :D:D:D:D

alien: a ripple in the pond ... lesse.

zap: argh. true. but does the media have to show me in such indepth detail? do i really need to know half the stuff they are showing? does the word privacy hold meaning anymore?

mystique: do not rub it in. apart from the media hoopla, i somehow cannot seem to just go and watch a movie to drool over AB jr anymore.

Ash: passed on your message to kash. she oughta get in touch with you soon.