Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Even in dreams, Australia wins

This is so frustrating.
Yeah they are a good team, maybe the best even, but I so do not like them and their we-are-superior-than-thou looks.
They have brought down cricket.

And to think, even in my dreams, they continue to triumph and wear a very irritating sneer.
I mean, it is MY dream and I should be the first, second, third umpire, right? RIGHT?


Anonymous said...

They are a dedicated team ... and they play for their nation .... not like our team which has too any things in mind ... Time for shoot- time for looking after the food business -

Tinky Toinkers said...

Anon: I never have denied them being good. But does being good mean being arrogant? Smug? Overbearing? Snobbish? Crude? This has nothing to do with the other cricket playing nations, all this is about is the attitude and basic discipline.

Anonymous said...

i know they should not have done such a act-
If he had done the same act in Pak they would have made him sit on a Donkey and take a ride....and we being good people asked for a SORRY>>>