Monday, November 20, 2006

i am big brother

the little one,
she grew up quick.

the little one
the one i played all my pranks on
the one who cried when i said boo

the little one
who pointed fingers

the little one
who hung on to my words
and followed me everywhere

the little one
... yeah ... that little one ...

she grew up quick
she is gonna be a mommy
she says she is gonna be brave
only, i am supposed to go into the labour room with her
and she tells me ...
"tu aayega na? tu mera bhai hai na... "


i dont think she is gonna be very thrilled to find out how 'brave' her older sistah is.
i don't wanna do any bhai giri...
i don't wanna end up on the labour room ka floor ... along with her husband...
muummmmaaa... stoopid lil girl saying bad bad things ....


Alien said...

:-) besties to ur sis.. all shall go well!! ..hope you dont mind if I link you from my other blog too...

Anonymous said...

U go into that Labour Room.

U hang in there with yur sistah.

N U be a Big Brotha.

The bestest, to U n Sis, n the lil kiddo too :)

- Dobereinerr

Anonymous said...

Made me think of my own sis who won't let the sister(the hospital's) put a syringe into her hand untill I am sitting next to her, all brave n scolding her for being such a sissy. Only i know how much I hate syringes n seeing her pained face when the needle enters her skin...