Friday, August 01, 2008

am gonna miss you amigo

was flipping through 'The Roald Dahl Treasury' this morning and was relishing the beautiful illustrations and thinking to myself ... Soo would love these ... when it came to me, she would not be around at office anymore... to discuss a design, admire a cover, talk about animation movies or share books with... and i am gonna miss it, lots.

have not known her for long, and i know we will be in touch ... but i would like to thank her now before i forget to be properly grateful ... for letting me inside her world of colours and teaching me to observe the beauty of lines drawn just so.

thank you, and i now know why you insisted on calling them graphic novels and not comic books :)

rock on, become insanely famous, write many-many books, make pots of money ... and share it with us poor folks. okbye, happy sailing ~


Anonymous said...

and i will miss you! and all the fun we (u, me, dia) had :) (and you will be in the 1st book of the trilogy!!)

Tinky Toinkers said...

er ... that be in a nice way i hope... or else .. or else i will not give you viv's yellow paper bag. so there.

AiAiOh said...

Toinks, Would she need the account number now later? I'll be ready with it the moment she wants. and I will Pose free for the cover of her trilogy :-D

Pallavi said...

Soo's blog is cool.. such cool sketches.. :)

D said...

uma u too can be emotional!!!...miss u babes