Saturday, August 30, 2008

inglis is my 18th language and i spik it well

i was reading the Zoya factor by Anuja Chauhan (nice, nice) and i actually noticed that most people around me speak just like the characters in the book. very very desi english. it is is so much easier to communicate when you have a masala mix bag of several languages and you can pluck and choose and plug in words from all of them to form one gloriously riotous language that reflects your deepest thoughts in the most effeiceint manner, unlike this long sentence.

for example, if you had a brilliant idea, you can't just say hey, i have a brilliant idea ... it is wayyy better if you say something like, abbe sun, i have this super tohdu idea. i mean .. do you see the difference?

and then we have some drastic classic examples. like the names caterers give their "special" concoctions.
like stay fried vegetables
like paneer saslick
like hukka nudles

so cool neh? they make for so much entertainment.
chalo abhi katlo.


austere said...

Ek analysis ho jaye- mumbai engless versus dill inglis.


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kya hua