Thursday, August 21, 2008

go... went ... gone

after the initial flush, this sudden window that enables freedom is beginning to look daunting.
tomorrow is my last day at work.

we went out for a nice lunch today. just soo, nigel, nishtha and me. and i realised, i am not going to have anybody around to maaro my stupid pjs on.
nobody is going to understand sarcasm.
nobody is going to sit with me and crib about the nonsense deadline.
nobody. nothing.
and worst of all ... no pay cheque at the end of every month.

how am i going to pay my phone bills?
and my credit card bills?

penury ... here i come.

older and poorer, thats what my tomorrow looks like. and lonelier.

mumma :(


Anonymous said...

Life goes through different changes , people just come n go ...
to see
to meet
to love
and then to part is the saddest tale of human lives

A Stranger within said...

I will try and write some letters but it do not trust the ROYAL MAIL as many of my birthday cards have still not reached

i Can write them now n get it when i come to see u next time :)

austere said...

Missed reading you.