Monday, August 11, 2008

The bald baby

there is this baby i know,
who used to touch her bottom when the nappy was off ... just to make sure her bum was still there.

the other day, her parents went and got her head shaved ...
and now she alternates between assuring her head is on and her bum is still there.

very very funny.

to know more about this baby, check her papa's blog.


AiAiOh said...

:-D.. shld we consider putting a scarf on her head just to confuse her?

Tinky Toinkers said...

lol. :D:D ... creep... hahahaha ... it would be sooper funny though!

rj said...

your daughter is extremely extremely cute and cuddly!

When are you bringing her down to Mumbai? and just for the record... small kids are NOT afraid of me.. they look at me like i am some really really big teddy bear! :D

Pallavi said...

Shweet... hahaha !!