Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Thought bubbles

sometimes i think of those people, who touched my life briefly and vanished
when a current life incident triggers a buried memory
when a word, a song brings forth a face to my mind
when i am traveling and have nothing to read

i think of them
and wonder about where they are today
and why we fell out of touch.

i don't miss them
not like i would miss some others
but i would still like to say hello sometime.
just for old time's sake.

underneath the mango tree
there was a girl
waiting, waiting, waiting ...


Anonymous said...

hmmmmmmmmmmmm i dont think i am in that list yet :)

what say iyer mate?

Pallavi said...

and well just for the heck of it.. hello to you too..
I feel the same way.. looking back.. and time hastens me to look forward.. and let go.. just let go.. and see the new waits coming in..