Monday, July 07, 2008

My head needs to go for a walk

I know I ought to share, but it kills me to let anyone else bask in her smile.
But I know I am being bad, so I force myself to leave her with them.
And then hang around just beyond the door, watching, hoping... she'd miss me.

I know I ought to move on, but it hurts to know that my reputation is dog shit.
But I know I have a point to prove, and hang in there.
And pray everyday that they would give me a reason to say good-bye.

I know I need to confront her, but it scares me to think of not having her around anymore.
But I know I am being a coward, and I pick the phone up to call her.
And tell her about how it rained heavily today.

Mugs used to say that I carry a lot of baggage.
She must have been speaking the truth.
Suddenly the weight is overwhelming.
And I am not even talking about it in Kgs.

Let it up,
Let it go,
Heavy heart
Feather light.


SooSixty said...

dont let it's important

Anonymous said...

luuuuuurrrrrrve the header

Anonymous said...

you dont have to feel bad about not wanting to share...she's your most precious

D said...

yes...totally urs....ur reflection

Pallavi said...

And its been a while since we heard of Mugs.. How is Mugs ?