Monday, March 30, 2009

aanan paanan aanan paanan

meera and i have this habit of absorbing retaining the most ridiculous of songs. and the songs have the annoying habit of taking over my head ever so often.
the one doing the rounds for the past couple of hours is:
"lekar tujhko jaaonga dulhan
aanan paanan aanan paanan
chand katola laaonga dulhan
aanan paanan aanan paanan..."

i have only met one other person who knows the songs we do, that would be tithir, gayatree's friend.
does anyone out there have this nonsense habit as well?


austere said...

You may want to check the nominees for the Red FM bajatey raho awards; kya lyrics hain.

anugem said...

Dekh bani hai duniya jab se,
saathi hoon main tera tab se,
lekar tujhko jaonga dulhan....

kal takmain rehta tha dadar,
wahan pe main baichta tha chaddar
(phorgot the rest of it)

e said...

...another peeve are some of these jingles that bell in one's mind. Some very interesting word verifications btw, "howningu" and "ajoyboam" for this one...hmm.

nicole said...

:)its aanan faanan.
chand ka dola laya hu dulhan
lekar tujhko jaunga dulhan
aanan faanan aanan faanan
dunno when i heard it,but its got govinda in it.
cheers :)

Hot cars said...

yahoooo i m here ...........dekh bani hai duniya jabse saathi hu mein tera tabse

rishab_lalman said...

its or d film hathkhadi of govinda... <3

Anonymous said...