Friday, April 17, 2009

simply the best

you are light and nice
just spiced right
with a little bit of pickle
you are the best diet
dear curd rice, dear curd rice ...

on hot summer days
i crave for you
on stomach upset days
i'd kill for you
dear curd rice, dear curd rice ...

some say its boring
some say its typical
but the need for you
is very very physical
dear curd rice, dear curd rice ...

little kids to toothless aunts
thayir saadam fans, them all
no pizza, no pasta, no samosa pavs
gimme gimme, the only thing i wants
dear curd rice, my lovely curd rice...

- tambrahm girl.
ps: preferred pickle = vadumaangai.
ok bye.


Alien said...


Dibzzi said...

so "typically" true!!!!:)

AiAiOh said...

yumma wohma yummy

The Wholesome Satyr said...


Anonymous said...

yeh dil maange more!

- half sindhi / half bhaiya

ps. preferred pickle = red chilli!