Thursday, March 19, 2009

Not so long ago

i used to be mortally scared of ghosts and such. ask mugs or prabha, they'd tell you what a fulltoo fattoo being i was. i would rather not drink water at night for the fear of having to getting up to pee in the night. i never ventured into dark corners, avoided places that to my mind, looked haunted, shat bricks after watching *****all serials like shh koi hai ...

but that was before. now i can do all of the above and not die of palpitations. because of ita. it has nothing to do with maternal urges or anything, just the thought that she is gonna pick on my nervousness and i am loathe to letting her grow up like that.

last evening, sri's driver was attacked by 4 armed hooligans. they hit him on head several times with the butt of a country made rifle and took off with his mobile, watch and wallet. the entire loss can be summed up to roughly 1,000 Rs.

the incident occured not 5 minutes walking distance from our house, in a crowded residential area at 9.15 P.M.

i am back to being scared.


e said...

For some time now, so have I ( been scared that is ) - and I don't even have a driver :(

A Stranger within said...

poor driver

austere said...


Anonymous said...


Stupid city takes away tax monies from Bombay and stuffs it in the pockets of the theives governing us. Bah! Get a gun or a rottweiler.

btw: word verification is really being weird - new religion called "sulaism".