Tuesday, March 10, 2009

why i love holi

I love holi. Absolutely, completely, totally, love it. Here is why:
Bura na maano holi hai attitude
Jalaoing Holika
All that water
Dancing to the tunes of the dhol
Bawdy songs, bawdier jokes
Everybody looks the same under all that goop
Warm bath after a round of thorough dunking is heavenly
Warm food is even better
A nap feels just right

and such good photo ops.
Happy Holi children.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I used to read your blogs 2-3 years back I guess ( u were in Bombay and unmarried :-) ) and I loved what you wrote. After all this i chanced upon your blog again and wonderful to see you the same happy lady and a mother too !!
Keep it going and all the best!

Tinky Toinkers said...

Hey right back at you. Thanks and I was a happy single mumbaikar some 4 years ago. sob* its been so long... sigh.

A Stranger within said...

saw holi pics