Friday, December 11, 2009

Time flies

ankita will be 2 tomorrow.
she can talk (oh man, can she talk), she can sulk (for hours) and she knows what clothes she wants to wear.
How did my little baby morph into a teen so quickly?


AiAiOh said...

happy to yu (clap clap)

austere said...

Happy Birthday!

Jaiku said...

YOur post looks straight out of a "histrionically Unchallenged" Sivaji Ganesan Special..

"Nethikki Kai kozhandaya irundava, inikki vaai vidaama pesaraale maa..
naan ennammaaaaaaaaaaa pannuven.."

Tinky Toinkers said...

jaiku ... so much tamil i cannot understand.. woh bhi in written english. only got sivaji ganesan.

Jaiku said...

Oh thou art a Non resident Tamil, I forgot..

If you get sivaji ganesan, the words are immaterial..
Just the "histrionic " output (i should say Out "pour" actually) should suffice!!!!