Tuesday, December 22, 2009

its the season to be merry eh?

so i can't concentrate on work, coz hello! Its Christmas time. Have you any idea how gorgeous Bandra, Hill road would be just about now?
They would have stalls upon stalls full of christmas decorations and trees ...
Stars and Angels and Shiny disco balls :)

They would have plum cake and marzipans and those milky chocolate thingies...

There would be people shopping and laughing and having fun ...

And then, when your feet beg for mercy, you could halt by that udupi joint there and have garma-garam pav bhaji or walk down to band-stand and have chana jor garam.

And listen to the sea.


Its the season to be merry...
so have bought myself a tree
and some fancy decorations
a length of tassels
a bit of candy
some friends
with the promise of wine
have hired a cook
for some chole puri
Its the season to be merry
and so, i am going to be.


austere said...

So where's my invite?

Tinky Toinkers said...

would you come? leaving mumbai behind? during this season? even for a short visit?

Ashthemist said...

Of course austere will come...hum mumbaikars free cake (and chole) ke liye kahi bhi ja sakte hai!

Merry X..hope its gleeful!

Kapil Lalwani said...

ohhh not again this missing Mumbai fake! You are now a Delhite through and through - rude and Punjabi and very North :D you already enjoyed good food so that doesn't count again!

Happy New Year by the way!

K xx