Monday, September 24, 2007

we won we won we won...

we won
we are the champions
we won
we are the amazings
we won
we won
we bloody won
the world damned cup
we won
we SO SO SO won

i was not allowed to watch the match
that was on at work
my husband called and informed my colleagues
that i was a jinx
bull c r a p.

but anyways. what the heck. i can live with that.
we won.
oh joy.


Sumantics said...

Yuss, my reaction, too.

Now if only somehow someone kicks some Ponting ass, my life will be made.

wormtongue said...

sigh :) yus nutters we are for it..
but maja came..

these are all the letters i had type to put a comment up.. grrrr .. kaisi hai re...