Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Raindrops keep falling on my head ...

Plenty has happened. Plenty to go. We are at the crux where the road can take us anyway. To the top. To the pits. Across. Within. No place. Every place.

There are so many thoughts in my head that the words are all rushing in causing a jam at the fingertips.

One thing that escaped the chaotic neurons was the immensely beautiful trip to Mukteshwar.
The weather, the food, the company, the locals and of course, the Himalayas.

Temple temple burning bright :)

Himalayas... gorgeous

The mad gang

For more pics, check out my flickr account ya?


Alien said...

flickr id?

good to know u had a great trip.... long time!

Jabberwhacky said...

Happy birthday ya! 31 Oct aisa bola.

moimystique said...

Ooo,Lovely pics!!

Anonymous said...

Words constantly create a traffic jam in my head. Nice pics!


Anonymous said...

hi ...

How are you doing ...long time no blog..