Monday, September 03, 2007

Hallelujah, Its raining books :)

13th Delhi Books and Stationary Fair
Pragati Maidan

Joy. Joy. Joy.

Gaya and I made a killing
Sri... is the best husband ever :)


rj said...


thats a whole lot of books!

when do you read all of these??? :O

Anonymous said...

Time to build a new bookcase then. :) Yeah!


e said...

He is? Because he will read these aloud to you in bed?

Alien said...

You know what.... I actually clicked on the photos so that I could make out the book titles... apart from a couple I dont think I've read any of them..

cheers.. n happy reading

Tinky Toinkers said...

rj: i travel across 3 states to get to work. when do you think i read??? :D

proxima: hey :) yaaaaa.... yippe!

e: that too :) and pay the bills :P

alien: i havent read most of them ;)

maddie said...

If Sri (Baba :P?) is the best husband ever, then I ees the bestest daughter ever.

I bought the fatherly items 2.5k worth of books for his 75th birthday. And now, since the big showcase and one wall closet isn't enough to hold all the books in the house, we're getting another 6*3 bookshelf done. Guess who's paying for it?

And on another note, YOU READ JUDY BLUME???? Shantam paapam!! Let me send you some Nora Roberts pronto!